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About Us


Here at Ambition we strive to be the leading facility in arts education while creating an environment that is friendly, nurturing and fun. We believe that cross-training through all art disciplines helps create a well-rounded performer and provides students with the best training to kick-start their careers in the arts. We want to create a rapport with each student that reaches beyond the classroom, connecting our community through the arts and providing support through their formative careers.

At Ambition we have a level of expectation for each individual to be self-motivated, dedicated and kind. However, we understand that there is more to life than the studio. We want to celebrate the other commitments in our students' lives whether it be family, school, or sports, and we promote the idea that with better training our students can achieve their goals with less class time.

We encourage people of all ages with an interest in the Arts to try out Ambition and see the difference our qualified teachers will make. Whether you’re 2 or 92 there’s a place for you within the Ambition family.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to establish Ambition Performing Arts Centre as the number one choice for artistic training in the Halton Hills area. Our friendly, supportive and caring environment will help instill the value of art expression in people of all ages as we strive to provide affordable, professional and effective training to help develop our students into the artists they may wish to become.

Vision Statement

Ambition is a family of instructors who will provide the highest level of education and training in the Arts, and encourages personal growth through artistic expression while maintaining a fun, friendly and professional atmosphere. Ambition Performing Arts Centre will be the first step towards our students' professional careers in the Arts.


Our Facilities

Ambition Performing Arts Centre is a fully equipped training centre with 3 spacious studios consisting of a fully sprung dance floor, floor length mirrors, ballet barres, acrobatic mats and more. We offer male and female change rooms, a lunch space and 3 washrooms for the convenience of our students.

  • Studio 1
  • Entrance
  • Lobby
  • Girl's Change Room - doorway
  • Girl's Change Room - bench
  • Girl's Change Room - shelves
  • Boy's Change Room - doorway
  • Boy's Change Room - bench
  • Boy's Change Room - shelves

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