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Ambition Performing Arts Centre provides our students with a variety of programs as outlined below.

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Come and join the adventure this summer! Each week is a different theme with students experiencing the fun, learning and laughter of the performing and creative arts! We’ll teach a variety of dance styles and do some fun acting and creative storytelling activities. Students will enjoy music and singing along with theatre ‘games’, crafts, experiments, outdoor fun and much more! A half-day option is available, and also extended care upon request. Campers will enjoy a pizza party lunch on the last day of camp and a fun Ambition Summer Camp keepsake! Depending on enrollment campers may be split into 2 age levels.



Here at Ambition we strive to offer the best training in all the arts and that extends into our competitive dance program. This is for the serious dancer who wishes to take hers or his technique to the next level and is committed to their progression and education. Anyone who wishes to participate in the competitive program can expect to train a minimum of 4 hours per week over 2 days. We encourage all students to take classes in various genres including acting and musical theatre so as to enhance their performance abilities but we do not believe in taking numerous mandatory classes. Being a competitive student is a choice and we hope that all our students want to participate in multiple disciplines and enjoy each style for its unique offerings. Through our quality teaching we will bring out the best in each dancer who participates in competition and help them achieve their competitive goals.

Competitive classes are offered in Jazz, Ballet, Tap, Acro, Hip Hop, Lyrical and Contemporary at the Mini, Junior, Intermediate and Senior levels. This program is by invitation and audition only.  The Ambition team will participate in 4 local competitions per year and 2 mandatory performances at the John Elliott Theatre in Georgetown. Dates and details will be provided in the Fall upon registration.

Upon acceptance on to the competitive team members should know that solos, duets and trios will be offered at the discretion of the Artistic Director.

"I dance because I can't imagine NOT dancing"



Why do we love ROYAL ACADEMY OF DANCE Ballet Examinations?

We love developing our dancers at Ambition Performing Arts Centre to a high standard of training in dance by challenging them through a variety of ways - one of them is through examinations in ballet.

Ambition is happy to offer Ballet Examinations through the world renowned Royal Academy of Dance Syllabus. With two amazing instructors certified to teach the RAD syllabus, Ambition is excited to be mentoring our students through this process and helping them achieve their goals. Ballet exams are a great tool to help dancers build confidence, stamina, focus, dedication, understanding and pride, among other amazing characteristics to set them up in dance and in life!

Enjoy this video to discover the exhilarating world of achieving success with The Royal Academy of Dance Ballet Exams:


A Real Measure of Achievement

Each year around 230,000 Royal Academy of Dance ballet exam candidates from all over the world take RAD dance exams. The RAD syllabus offers a wide range of exams and assessments to motivate and reward students of all ages and abilities. The focus is on creativity, passion and musicality with a progressive-level graded system providing opportunities to achieve advancement.

All candidates who successfully pass a RAD ballet examination or award receive a Certificate of Achievement and a break down of their results.

  • Graded Syllabus: This program for Grade 1 to Grade 8 incorporates ballet, free movement and character and is suitable for candidates from seven years (Grades 1–5), and candidates from eleven years (Grades 6–8).
  • All exams and awards are assessed externally by one of a panel of 200 examiners who are appointed, trained and monitored by the RAD.
  • Vocational Graded Syllabus: This program develops the technique, music and performance skills of the older ballet student from 11 years to an advanced level. Girls will prepare and develop Pointe work and boys will prepare for Allegro and Lifts.  Accreditation for high school is available and participation will prepare them for a dance or dance-related career.
  • These higher levels are accepted as a measure of achievement by the vocational schools attended by most young people aiming to enter the dance profession. Not only are the two Syllabuses highly valued by universities and other institutions offering degree courses and programs in the performing arts but also serves them well in job interviews or on Resumes for job applications.


For the fun of dance where you will make friends, learn routines, get active and listen to great music.

 Fun ways to stay active, be creative and learn new things

 Family atmosphere where you can make new friends

 Air-conditioned and heated dance studios

 Caring, professional, and qualified staff

 Easy and secure online registration



This discipline is a combination of gymnastics and dance skills. This course will include progressions for strength, balancing, flexibility, limbering and tumbling. Each student will work at their own level achieving individually set goals for each area of training. Students will challenge themselves every week with new variations of cartwheels, walkovers, balances and tumbling skills



This discipline, considered the foundation of dance, focuses on the technique and terminology of classical dance. As the student progresses through the age levels they will learn multiple exercises at the barre, in the centre and across the floor. This course will help with a student's focus, posture, rhythm, musicality and grace. The creativity and imagination at 'play' in this discipline are cornerstones for building confidence and self-esteem in our children.



This discipline incorporates the knowledge of technical steps and movements transforming them into a story. Students will explore different styles of music and lyrics to add an extra layer of emotion and performance to their dance routine. Standard musicality is challenged and dancers are given the opportunity to express themselves through improvisation.



This discipline is about personal style and incorporating the natural move and groove of the body into a performance. This class will help the student with body isolation, popping and locking and elements of break dancing. Bringing street style into the classroom hip-hop is the hottest trend in dance allowing the dancer to show off their attitude and flare.



This discipline, made famous by celebrities like Gene Kelly, Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers, is one of the most popular styles of dance worldwide. This energetic style of dance gives students the opportunity to be their own instrument instilling rhythm, musicality and patterning., The tap syllabus starts with a foundation of steps progressing through harder and faster levels.



This discipline is a high-energy, technique-focused program with students learning jumps, turns, combinations and floor work. Jazz helps the dancer develop body movement and rhythm by providing different styles from classical to contemporary to funk which allows the student to express oneself and find hers or his own style.



At Ambition we believe that cross-training in the arts is intregal for the budding performer. Our acting program will instill valuable foundations and techniques and is a great program for those who wish to pursue acting as a career, or for those looking for a creative outlet and fun atmosphere. With a variety of options you can streamline your acting towards the screen or stage, or participate in all programs Ambition has to offer. Whether you enjoy over-the-top theatrical productions, making your friends and family laugh, or being in front of the camera - you're sure to find a class that will suit your needs!



Stage acting classes encompass learning to work with scripts, language, stories, characters, intentions and actions. It focuses on developing skills such as creating a character, shaping scenes, voice, staging and blocking, collaboration and trust, and listening and responding. The exercises taught in this course will help develop the student's clarity, projection, teamwork, audience connection, rhythms and partnering among others. This class will encourage students to break out of their shells and will promote self-confidence in all students.



This emerging branch of acting will help prepare the student for a career on screen including commercials, movies, TV, webcasts and documentaries. The camera sees things differently than the human eye so students need to develop their naturalness on camera, their listening and responding skills, characterization, focus, spontaneity and improvisation. The technical side of screen work will also be explored including touching on voice, text analysis, expression, intention and on-set technique and terminology.



Do people think you're funny? Want to learn how to make people laugh? Then this is the program for you! Comedy will take you out of your routine and into an environment filled with spontaneity and laughs. By learning the fundamental tools of improv such as listening and accepting, we will help to build your child's confidence and break certain fears about creativity. Through ensemble exercises you'll start trusting your impulses and begin to let go of inhibitions. The class will also explore the basics of comedy including: storytelling, creating a character, creative writing, physical comedy, sketch and scene development, presenting your material, finding your comic voice and establishing your style. We use both found materials and newly created ones, exploring a variety of themes and finding your own comedic identity in performance.



Singing, dancing and acting all at the same time! Students will train through all of these three disciplines and will showcase a variety of songs, scenes and dances from both the contemporary and traditional musical theatre repertoire. Classes are for the versatile student who wants to further their education across all three disciplines. From movement style and choreography to song preparation, script analysis and character development - this course has it all.



Want to train your unique vocal style and progress with individual attention? Ambition offers private vocal lessons with one of our qualified instructors on various days through the week. Individuals wishing to participate in these lessons must first book a diagnostic session with Ambition's director.

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