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RAD Ballet Dance Exams

Why do we love ROYAL ACADEMY OF DANCE Ballet Examinations?

We love developing our dancers at AMBITION PERFORMING ARTS CENTRE to a high standard of training in dance in the performing arts genre and therefore, challenge them through a variety of ways, one way is through examinations in ballet.

Ambition is happy to offer Ballet Examinations through the world renowned Royal Academy of Dance Syllabus. With two amazing instructors certified to teach the RAD syllabus, Ambition is excited to be mentoring our students through this process and helping them achieve their goals. Ballet exams are a great tool to help dancers build confidence, stamina, focus, dedication, understanding and pride, among other amazing characteristics to set them up in dance and in life!

Enjoy this video to discover the exhilarating world of achieving success with The Royal Academy of Dance Ballet Exams:

A Real Measure of Achievement

Each year around 230,000 Royal Academy of Dance ballet exam candidates from all over the world take RAD dance exams. The RAD syllabus offers a wide range of exams and assessments to motivate and reward students of all ages and abilities. The focus is on creativity, passion, and musicality, with a progressive graded system providing opportunities to progress and achieve.

All candidates who successfully pass an RAD ballet examination or award receive a certificate of achievement and a breakdown of their result.

  • Graded syllabus: Grade 1 to Grade 8 incorporates ballet, free movement, and character, and is suitable for candidates from seven years (Grades 1–5) and eleven years (Grades 6–8).
  • All exams and awards are assessed externally by one of our panel of 200 examiners, appointed, trained and monitored by the RAD, and based in 25 countries around the world.
  • Vocational Graded Syllabus: This develops the technique, music and performance skills of the older ballet student 11 years to an advanced level, girls will prepare & develop pointe work and boys for stronger allegro and lifts, with accreditation for high school available and will prepare them for a dance or dance-related career.
  • These higher levels are accepted as a measure of achievement by the vocational schools attended by most young people aiming to enter the dance profession. They are also highly valued by universities and other institutions offering degree courses and programmes in the performing arts and otherwise, as well as in job interviews or resumes for job application.

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